Site Updates, State of the Union, IPCC Report on Feb 28

Site updates, fixes continue. Some global leaders seem to see our site, not sure if anyone else does. The CCME site is listed on Google searches after many other sites, pages, down the list. One thing that needs to be updated, regained, asides from fix the site, content, is google analytics, which was lost over the years on PHIA com.

Climate Change was mentioned yesterday, March 1, on the US State of the Union. May clip the sections, similar to the backlog of climate change movie scene clips.

The IPCC Climate Change Report is out on Feb 28 2022 with more bad news, warnings. Rising heat, droughts, floods, .. mass extinction.

A kangaroo rushes past a burning house in Lake Conjola, Australia, on Tuesday, Dec. 31 2019. This fire season has been one of the worst in Australia’s history, with at least 15 people killed, hundreds of homes destroyed and millions of acres burned. (Matthew Abbott/The New York Times) *** Local Caption *** AUSTRALIA WILDFIRE BURNING CLIMATE NATURAL DISASTER

Runaway Climate Change, Floods, Drought, Corruption

There’s not really any good news with the exception of new innovations, EVs, advances in science. Thanks Elon, stay out of trouble. Try to find a wealthy lord and keep your job by serving him. Ok, there’s some sarcasm for those who like that sort of stuff, and some jokes.

Africa and US are in serious drought trouble. In Africa it’s similar to Australian fires, billions of animals dead. It’s millions of live stock dead, a catastrophe that’s not getting as much attention due to.. inflation.

The DOOMSDAY Glacier is about to collapse, sooner than they thought, which will shoot up flooding, mass extinction of states like Florida. ..

Ok, it’s Ricky Gervais, he made me do it.

In Montreal, Canada and USA, still facing a lot of Gov and Police corruption, fabricated fines, arrest attempts, etc. Their use of radiological and sonic weapon types. There’s probably nuclear poison, etc, but I’m only eating food I purchase myself. No adventures like Anthony Bourdain, street food, fast food, restaurants, .. . Similar to the California radioactive wine (Fukushima) before the Saint Thomas wild fires burnt all the vineyards, gov bailouts.

Good News

Some news say worst scenarios, temp shooting up 10 degrees for example, not likely. Why not? But, 3 or 4 degrees for sure..

Sites, Blogs, today I’m kicked out

The PHIA and CCME Blogs are fixed, seem ok, posts are visible. There a few things like why is there a feed for siteground news? .. We have to purge a few 1,000 comments (robots? A.I.?). Some progress on Sites, a few more glitches to fix, dead urls, content to update.

Hotel Versaille (Homeless Shelter) News Jan 11

Today I’m kicked out. ☣ (🥶 -25)

There’s the OMICRON pandemic, people here infected ☣, there’s the gov curfew, and I’m kicked out because I have a hand cart.

I take a shower, take my handcart and backpack shopping for groceries at Provigo, several grocery bags. I eat nothing that I do not purchase myself, they know this to. When I return two supervisors stop me, say I cannot have a handcart. They’ve been there as long as I have, over a month. I tell him Hotel Dupuis tried that, just everything in one backpack. STM employees tried it to. My backpack stolen during the summer with my laptop, geiger counter, and electronics. My backpack is locked to the handcart. The security guards that come into the room are always looking at my electronics and laptop. One supervisor says sorry about the theft but that’s the rule.

For about twenty minutes we play interpretation game. They say not kicking you out, you are leaving because you have a handcart. I say my backpack, electronics, handcart stay with me. .. The say the boxes on handcart can stay, but handcart outside. I say I need the handcart for the boxes, backpack, and groceries that I buy. Sorry, no handcart it’s the rule.

So, they finally say clearly that I cannot stay, being kicked out. Nothing said about the cookie sheets and helmet I use to shield myself from the sonic weapon types. Basically, under high surveillence, they steel your electronics, blame someone else.

Site updates, being fixed, will be on pause again.

Nothing from City of Montreal, Police Ethics, RCMP NSIRA regarding fines that they are trying to win be default again, and BIOAgent COVID19 & Mr Lepine.. Radiological weapon terrorism.

Here they are aiming blame at black people and women, corruption.

Supervisors Emanuelle Gill (woman), Junior Brutus (black man)

Regarding Mr Lepine, I think I saw him this week at this shelter. (!?) .. ☣

NOTE My handcart is loaded with my things and groceries. Without my handcart, fabricating some other problem or event later, kicked out, I’d have to leave many thing behind, (not just griceries), which they throw away after 6 hours, staff/friends/vultures wait at containers 🙁 -$. Like my handcart.

NEXT ex I can’t stay without my helmet, cookie sheets, (for sonic weapon type), and Geiger counter (radiological weapon detection tool). So, another theft to eliminate Geiger counter, Laptop (social media reporting Gov & Police (RCMP) corruption, organized crime. Or, handcart, metal cookie sheets not allowed (compromise, we put cookie sheets somewhere else) .. thanks 🙄 .. Police psych intervention, incarceration attempts .. “2019 radiological weapon terrorism, am I supposed to know everything that happens in Canada” – RCMP Terrorism Tip Line Aug 19 2021 .. “it’s like Chernobyl” “don’t need video evidence” – SPVM Montreal Police Oct 17 2019..

Scientists explore Thwaites, Antarctica’s ‘doomsday’ glacier.
“Oregon State University ice scientist Erin Pettit said Thwaites appears to be collapsing in three ways:
— – The glacier’s ice shelf is breaking into hundreds of fractures like a damaged car windshield. This is what Pettit said she fears will be the most troublesome with six-mile (10-kilometer) long cracks forming in just a year. —

Wahlin’s team will use two robot ships – her own large one called Ran which she used in 2019 and the more agile Boaty McBoatface..”

New year jokes

The Fuse Has Been Blown,’ and the Doomsday Glacier Is Coming for Us All

#NewYear2022 ‘DOOMSDAY Glacier’ Who should tell POTUS Joe Biden that cork about to pop in Antarctic?
1) Kremlin Russia_E (Vladimir Putin) 2) Bill Gates 3) Elon Musk 4) Jeff Bezos 5) Leo DiCaprio 6) Greta Thunberg 7) CNBC 8) FBI 9) AOC 10) VP 11) Algore 12) Pontifex (Pope Francis)

Dec 2021, updating site, fixing glitches, etc

No posts since 2019. Updating our sites, fixing glitches, to improve SEO, our Google page rank. In recent search on Bing our site appeared on second page, which is not bad for climate change.

Most recent news involve more EVs Dec 2021 for 2022, which includes GM, FORD, etc.

Antarctic’s DOOMSDAY Glacier (Thwaites) is set to collapse in next 3 years, sooner than they thought.

An article talked about lag between CO2 capture and tipping points, too late, which is different from the rising and current CO2 levels and global heat lagging, catching up to these levels. Unstoppable rising heat, runaway climate change, .. .

In A Nut Shell, heat will continue to rise, DOOMSDAY Glacier collapse, .. etc.

What you may have missed. IPCC draft report warning of threat to man kind, sure to pas 1.5 degrees, probably 2 degrees also, .. . COP26 1.5 degrees climate action .. ? (another type of lag?)


EARTH v APOKOLIPS: Deforestation, Cancer

Energy, not enough nothing grows, too much everything burns. Albedo scale, the melting ice (accellerating) reflects energy back into space. Plants and trees eat energy. Energy boils rock, creates magnetic field, too much ..

#Deforestation I was given a tree to plant “reforestation” when a child and for anxious QC population 40 years ago. This campaign was the political solution to ease the concern and continue massive deforestation. It’s more of the same along with decades of deceit, with Trudeau just incredibly obvious and ridiculous. Not a child anymore too. After all the noise about Brazil, Indonesia, Congo, .. more media disinformation/misinformnation (agriculture, beef, etc) USA is looking back at Canada to help satisfy demand. UN Rulings, BC Courts, BC Natives were able to block a pipeline, even kill the project after Trudeau purchased it. NOTE Trudeau managing (fraud) divestment after OPEC $80 ceased to exist, tarsands bankrupt till 2017 when SHELL divested (Trudeau promoting tarsands to help divest) everything $8B. USA divest over $30B to date, which includes this bankrupt pipeline Trudeau Canada purchase $4.5B. So, Trudeau is trapped by BC Court with pipeline purchase, which will be the same for #Deforestation to satisfy USA demand. Federal Gov legislate C69 to circumvent Courts: 1) Environment 2) Natives. Trudeau claims to be building the pipeline during election, no one mentions deforestation. Trudeau says plans to plant 2 billion trees. QC apologizes for Native discrimination, announces massive deforestation plan along with possible subsidies given greater distance.. BC suddenly announced it’s planting trees.

Many new radiological weapon playlists on our Channel

Radiological Weapon classified as terrorism, RCMP Jurisdiction

#SecretPolice #Charbonneau(s)

Debate Q: Assasination attempts or one ongoing assassination attempt?
Alexis Nihon Atwater Feb 8 2019

Complex-Desjardins Oct 1 2018

UQAM University Aug 17 2017

Normal background radiation is 12 (9-13). Here are several playlists of low (compared to above) radiological weapon assaults:

Earth v Apokolips: Young Justice (DNA) Intro Oct 12 2019 Dorval Shopping Center Xray (25)

Two Geiger Counters

UQAM AUG 17 2017 Xray (80+)

Complex-Desjardins Oct 1 (64+)

Alexis Nihon Atwater Feb 8 (very high)

Complex-Desjardins Nov 8 (25+)

Complex-Desjardins (31+)

Place des Arts Metro Xray (25+)

Justice Canada Building Xray (25+)

Galerie du Park Xray (21+)

ScotiaBank McGillU Xray (25+)

Dorval Shopping Center (25+)

Best Buy (25+)

Climate Strike Sept 20-27

#ClimateStrike I started retweeting the events, and started lying like some world leaders have been doing. Have a great day and see you in Montreal. #Deforestation

Watched Spiderman and noticed climate change theme in this movie too. “Elementals” water destroying coastal cities, in this case Venice. Fire elemental being the strongest, destroyed Mysterio’s planet (Earth 846? Quantum .. ). It’s similar to our reality, energy, heat, fire, rising CO2 destroying ours. TV Agent of Shield episode #13 too.

Netherlands is Dead? RIP Rutger Haurer

🌦☔ Greenland melting accellerating. Greenland alone is 7m (23′) ocean rise. Is Netherlands dead? Who else? Greenland alone is 7m (23′), Spain 16m (52′) evidence. So, Greenland 7m + Arctic & Antarctica parts 9m = 16m but even this could be an underestimation. ( Spain )

GHG (CO2, Methane) has spiked, accellerating. Heat lags behind these GHG levels, and increases (GHG, Heat, Melting) due to positive feedback loops like less energy reflected and less eaten by trees, rock and dark waters absorbing more energy (heat).

(Don’t let them fool you) Yearly Heat Records will continue, floods, drought, wildfires, dead coral, dead oceans, dead land animals.. EU, China wood lumber imports fueling #Deforestation?

Yearly Heat Records will continue, floods, drought, wildfires, dead coral, dead oceans, dead land animals.. EU, China wood lumber imports fueling #Deforestation


“Agriculture is responsible for 80% of global deforestation. Climate and environmental impacts of food production must be minimized. The #GSDR offers a path for transforming our food systems:”

Looks like we caught UN EU disinformation or misinformation about #Deforestation again. EU has 300 trees left in Astria stadium. #Deforestation Industry $ Trillions, housing lumber, magazines, news paper.. New Agriculture Zone title, empty fields, palm oil, soybean.. does not make the cause Agriculture.

#Charbonneau(s) Among many other things it seems the Gov, Police, Secret Police wanted to bankrupt us, knock us out for a number of reasons. One possibly the Climate Change evidence, YEARLY HEAT RECORDS news video clips, 43rd consecutive June apparently (see CO2 & Heat chart, melting accellerating, cannot be stopped..). Continued fossil fuel use (OPEC $80 Monopoly) or (OPEC $80 Monopoly ceases to exist) #ClimateAction plan, massive fraud, divest fraud which includes more secret police participants to invest while they divest to limit their losses #Trudeau