Climate Change Mass Extinction

Welcome to our site, and new blog. Our site uses news clip to provide Climate Change evidence, consecutive years of record setting temperatures, devastation, movie scene clips, trailers, real Native issues and Avatar, tar sands and deforestation, Obama letter, music videos (Michael Jackson – Earth Song) to generate interest, awareness, and information about Climate Change patterns leading to mass extinction.

Some of these, and I believe the last about planetary mass extinction patterns make us unique and world leaders in this field.

My Quantum Story

I’m about to add My Quantum story to the About Us section. It’s an interesting Tweeter blog about high abstract deductive reasoning, symbolism, school, physics, Einstein, Boer, Brogoli, Higgs, ..

Activist Under Attack in Canada

In Quebec Canada, the regime secret police combined Feb 21, 2011 false allegations with “corruption” participants in court, crown, .. with radar type assaults from neighboring homes “run away or die of cancer”. long story of events and “corruption”, acquitted June 4, 2012.

I’m still under assault, and now with an expensive Quantum Geiger counter believe I confirmed what I feared too, assaults include x-ray type assaults from neighboring homes, higher increased risk of bone, lung, .. cancers. The regime tries to corner citizens through “corruption”, homelessness, and denial of these assault weapons for subjugation, long term cancer homicide strategy. I’ve looked into temporary refuge, now understand that those that seek asylum need to be in the country it’s self, submit their case. In my case, the costly proceedings, assaults, aimed to drain finances, push to bankruptcy, inflict damages, use secret police participants and these damages in provocation, .. The problem is that traveling to other countries, seeking asylum, also drains finances, and if they are participants, may seek to corner me in a foreign country. Other countries that participate in denial, or assaults .. , reject case, ..

Warmest 6 months, Again?

We have several videos of Devastation, and rising or Record Setting Temperatures for several consecutive years, to advocate climate action. According to a recent article, on twitter, 6 warmest months, the records have been broken again, but don’t I have the NBC News video concerning this.

They Eat Energy, Our iReport

Our iReport involved mentioning trees, plants, phytoplankton, that eat the suns’ energy, the melting ice reflects energy back into space, what reaches earth heats it’s core, increased volcanic activity, the mass extinction pattern, volcanic CO2, acidification of oceans, ..

Today featured on our tweet:

Meet the electric life forms that live on pure energy

Unlike any other life on Earth, these extraordinary bacteria use energy in its purest form – they eat and breathe electrons – and they are everywhere

“STICK an electrode in the ground, pump electrons down it, and they will come: living cells that eat electricity.”