Activist Under Attack in Canada

In Quebec Canada, the regime secret police combined Feb 21, 2011 false allegations with “corruption” participants in court, crown, .. with radar type assaults from neighboring homes “run away or die of cancer”. long story of events and “corruption”, acquitted June 4, 2012.

I’m still under assault, and now with an expensive Quantum Geiger counter believe I confirmed what I feared too, assaults include x-ray type assaults from neighboring homes, higher increased risk of bone, lung, .. cancers. The regime tries to corner citizens through “corruption”, homelessness, and denial of these assault weapons for subjugation, long term cancer homicide strategy. I’ve looked into temporary refuge, now understand that those that seek asylum need to be in the country it’s self, submit their case. In my case, the costly proceedings, assaults, aimed to drain finances, push to bankruptcy, inflict damages, use secret police participants and these damages in provocation, .. The problem is that traveling to other countries, seeking asylum, also drains finances, and if they are participants, may seek to corner me in a foreign country. Other countries that participate in denial, or assaults .. , reject case, ..

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