Climate Change Record Bad News

Another Record HEAT Year, record LOW ICE, record CO2 LEVELS, METHANE increase, Worst CORAL BLEACHING, RISING SEA LEVELS .. record bad news on all charts.

Scientific American (@@sciam) tweeted:

This winter, Arctic sea ice was the lowest seen in 37 years of record keeping

UN Climate Action (@@UNFCCC) tweeted:
Global temperature records broken by unprecedented amount in February according to @NASA
NOAA (@@NOAA) tweeted:
Record annual increase of #carbondioxide observed at Mauna Loa for 2015

InsideClimate News (@@insideclimate) tweeted:
The Mystery of the Global Methane Rise: Asian Agriculture or U.S. Fracking?

Scientists say the Great Barrier Reef is now seeing its worst coral bleaching on record


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