KENNY (radiological weapon subjugation, US UK FR)

Kenny (radiological weapon subjugation, US UK FR)
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I was told through phone msg that my neighbor Kenny Mergel died yesterday of cancer, had cancer since last June. He came over to my house many years ago when a teen, watched South Park “Oh my God! they killed Kenny.”

Yesterday I completed another Notice to Justice Minister about radiological weapons, round and round, Police, Government, Police Ethics, Superior Court, .. , UN non-action,, presentation at Superior Court. It was posted here.

My SOEKS is broken, more vulnerable (blind) to radiological weapon assaults, trying to reach SOEKS in RU for repair ..

I was at my storage in Saint-Eustache, my unit under assault like apartment under assault from neighboring units. I put a few things away, picked a few things, one of them my blue xray vest, I fold twice over stomach and chest, less heavy than my self made 50 lbs lead chest/back armor.

This gives the world a clue of what Canada, US UK FR, are really doing in terms of repression, hidden subjugation (corruption, depletion, homelessness, radiological weapons assault everywhere), and to civil rights activists, to replace them with secret police phonies.

PHIA knows of 1st homicide attempt by secret police through psychological manipulation, suicide factors, aware of this 2nd homicide attempt through radiological weapons IMPORTANT NOTE most unaware people in the past probably only saw the Police, Government, and Secret Police participants corruption, fabrications, depletion, homelessness, .. , and saw the radiological weapons assaults only once inflicted with deadly cancers, and find themselves cornered again through cancer dealing with more subjugated secret police participants.

And, know the secret police cause rage shootings, massacres, through abuse, corruption, damages, provocation, repeated retaliation suggestions and ideation, threats, radiological weapons, targeting children, .. etc, guides targeted citizens towards gangs or rage shootings, massacres, acts of terror, #NRA

For anyone who doesn’t know, it was assaults from direction of The Queen (DQuinn) and Merkels (Mergals) during The Queen’s Malicious Persecution proceedings, acquitted on Jun 4th Queen’s Diamond Jubilee,  .. and now I’m told Kenny Mergal has died ..