Meat Synthesis  (fish cury)

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@@PMOIndia @@timesofindia @@TheHindu @@XHNews @@CNN What you think of brewed (meat synthesis) fish cury sticks and chips?

Anyone remember Japan’s slaughter of dolphins, Canada clubbing white seal puppies, .. ?

​Meat Synthesis (cultured beef)

​Meat Synthesis (cultured beef)

(TEDTalks: Andras Forgacs, Mark Post)

Mars Mission perspective, some have proposed “we can eat locusts”, grasshoppers, insects. What I’ve figured out is that they won’t be taking cows or bugs to Mars and Beyond. (bioreactors)

A More Scientific Analysis, they are working towards surgical grade, working, functioning, body parts. If you look at food production the process is much simpler, can be scaled to industrial levels.

Food Production, it can be a brewery, in an urban area. Cell culture technology has been around for a long time, wine, beer, yogart. This technology is an extension of this, a brewery is basically a bioreactor.

Futurist, large farms, raising animals, slaughter houses are barberic and primitive.

Climate Activist, .. 99% less land? it’s a brewery. (1%)

TED Talk comments, 

I remember Lady Gaga’s dress, I wanted to eat that too.

The small leather strips, easy production, remind me of thin slices of beef that I put into noodle soups and beef jerky at the corner stores.

Lawyer, porc chop people called, said it cannot be same color as real meat. It’s not margarine, it is real meat .. click.

Louisiana Floods

​Homeland Security (@DHSgov) tweeted Thu, Aug 18, 2016:

If you were affected by the #LAflood, you may be eligible for assistance. Visit or call 800-621-3362 for more info. (@HHSGov) tweeted Aug 21, 2016:
Uninsured Louisiana residents may be able to get help with medicine or medical supplies. Call 855-793-7470 #LAflood

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Want to help people affected by the #LAflood? Check out @volunteer_la’s helpful links:

Triple H is INFORNO (warning to FBI)

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@FBI @RCMPGRCPOLICE @WhiteHouse @Elysee @UN @AP @NRA 

“Triple H” (Levesque) could be in danger, symbolism, xray assault lung cancer homicide


“Triple H” (Levesque) could be in danger, symbolism, xray assault lung cancer homicide. 

Secret Police use Xray Assaults from behind walls, urinals, washrooms, mirrors, etc. 

Walls behind sitting areas, from floors below, homicide method currently used in QC Canada 

I currently use a SOEKS Quantum, two sensors, to warn, detect abnormal radiation, assaults

Climate Change Mass Extinction 

“Triple H” also Inferno in Scooby-Do .. it’s part of related symbolism.. see media module 

And our Space module for more symbolism, Quantum, Weird..

From our SPACE module..

My McGillU Quantum Slit Experiment 

Results, Weird .. I called Higgs, Hawking, Hunt told them Quantum Physics Bohrs me .. no naming new particles Jesus, Moses, etc. (Triple H, Levesque)
PBS SpaceTime (@@PBSSpaceTime) tweeted Jul 27, 2016:

There’s nothing weirder in all of physics than the results of the single particle double-slit experiment
PBS SpaceTime (@@PBSSpaceTime) tweeted Aug 11, 2016:

The double-slit experiment gets even weirder with the delayed choice quantum eraser…

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My McGillU Physics Photon Slit Experiment .. 2 slit result

Danny Hunt (@@DHUNTtweets) tweeted Aug 09, 2016:

My McGillU Physics Photon Slit Experiment .. 1 slit result

Art : Canada Homicide Method, Xrays

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More often, the secret police in Montreal, QC Canada, target lungs with radar, xrays.

Gov, Police corruption 1. depletion 2. these assaults, 3. attempt guide towards gangs

Art : while using Gov, Police corruption, false allegations .. 

Secret Police homicide method in QC Canada xray assaults from behind walls, floors below

Hollande, Trudeau, Charbonneau

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Did you know while PM Trudeau is claiming to be #HeForShe at the UN, ..

At the Toronto Gay Pride Parade for a PR Photo shoot #LGBT ..

His regime secret police continue to assault PHIA with xrays

RIO and Climate Activism

​Congrats to Brazil !!

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<100 days to go before Solutions Cop opens in Marrakech! Open your eyes to our sustainable future.

Meat Synthesis? (no live stock, deforestation)

 #COP22   #RIO2016   #GlobalGoals