NASAMarsDay : askNASA Mars Mission

Here is a brain storming blog posted a few days ago, and recently it seems NASA more active starting with #NASAMarsDay more about Mars Mission, #askNASA about different topics (check their daily tweets). The progress, rocket test tweets, have been constant .. #askNASA about cows, pigs, chickens, .. on space station or Mars Colony!

Brain Storming Blog:


Earth and Venus (CO2 Hell), 

Meat Synthesis (Pure Beef, No Live Stock), 

Asteroid Impact (Close Calls, Mass Extinction)

Food Safety: Community Gardens, Organic Gardens, Roof Gardens and Solar Tech (Climate Change) and (Space) Mission to Mars: Hydroponic Gardens, Green House Gardens (winter, 364), Window Gardens (winter), 

Backyard Hobbies: Science and Technology experiences .. Hydroponics .. Food Recycling .. Composting .. Flowers (New Hybrids, Splices) .. Honey Bees (Saving Rare Butterfly Species) What’s killing the honey bees are pesticides and climate change, flying in increasing heat. These, the handling of bees and technology about keeping honey bees make a nice addition to organic gardens, flower gardens, community gardens, etc, Arts and Crafts, Material Recycling (China), Sculptures, Rock Gardens, Rocks (Inuit), Rocks Balancing, .. WhiteHouse?

Food Safety: 1. Meat Synthesis 2. Hydroponic Gardens

The Martian: In their last few months, Pres. Obama could talk more about Mission to Mars and Hydroponic Tech, create a team from NASA to other Open Community projects regarding winter gardens etc.

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