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Activism .. 

Drought .. wildfires .. MJ

Floods .. extreme weather .. Stevie Ray Vanh

Cities .. Bloomberg, COP22

Political Action .. Obama

CCME .. Snow Owl

Media .. movie clips .. Brando

Animal Extinctions .. Birds

To Leaf, or Not To Leaf .. EV, Religion, Hobbyists .. Pope

ZeroEmissions(ZeroDiscrimination) .. EV, Homes, Solar Tech,   .. Soul

Acidification of Oceans .. Oceans, coral, overfishing, .. Sigourney

Deforestation .. agriculture, urbanization, Natives .. Carbon Capture

Top Climate News .. Hot .. Melting .. CO2 Rising .. Chart

Top Science Video .. Hydroponics, Energy, Solar, Carbon Capture Tech .. Trees , Recycling, Nuclear Fusion, .. IPCC ..

Volcanic Activity .. volcanic eruption, .. , CO2, Methane, Mass Extinction Patterns .. Volcanic Eruption

Space .. pond waves .. NOAA, NASA Satelittes, Venus and Earth CO2, Cosmos, .. Quantum Theories, PBS SPACE, SPACE, NOVA, Mars Mission, Asteroids, Mass Extinction .. Pond

.. Asteroid close calls, good dinosaur

.. Meat Synthesis .. Food Waste .. 

.. Earth, Venus, CO2 Hell, Carl Sagan, Cosmos, Terraforming,

.. Mars Missions

Meat Synthesis : (food safety, securuty, future of food products, space colonization) not sure where it fits since it impacts so many .. Drought, Floods, ZeroEmissions, Cities, Political Action, Deforestation, Top Science Videos, Space, ..

Missing is G+ page feed, adding new Twitter feed, .. site front page too heavy.

Today’s News, July 2016 Heat Record, Strong Hurricane Season (Sandy), Mexican Volcano Erupts 4x 24hrs, Obama .. EPA Political Action, Floods .. USA CHINA, Wildfires USA, … Fifth Force of Nature.

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