Sleep (Sept. 3)

Went to Park on 25th Ave, to sleep, but like before and during day time, there where a lot of radar type assaults. I wanted to change the usual sleeping place given the threat of Police eviction, fine threats, if too often at the same location.
I have money now, can send and purchase a replacement for my SOEKS but this means I’ll be blind at sleeping areas, library, washrooms, etc, to xray type assaults.  .. news DARPA is supposed to have new units for dirty bomb detection, available to public? $?, as for Safecast $500, the unit has 1 sensor pancake, not affordable or as good as two sensors with flashing lights SOEKS.

Honey bees, elephants, coffee, .. more mass extinction bad news but also  more action by USA, China, ..

Things to do .. laundry, fix replace Sony SP glass, .. buy underwear and glue them together for my own made 10lbs jackstrap cup.

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