HAPPY 50th Anniversary Star Trek

‚Äč25th Ave Saint-Eustache 

Xray Assaults 15:50 Sept 7 2016 1st floor library, 2nd floor

#Trudeau #Charbonneau #Paris #Brussels .. #Ukraine 

No more xray assaults at Library, right? Wrong, more assaults today on the 1st floor. First noticed rearranged tables and chairs, moved closer to wall and corner where I suspect assaults where from previously. They seem to begin here, I move towards back where the rear entrance to corner is, and the assaults continue near painting and desk (no one). The head librarian moved out of her office too, which is behind the painting wall, it seems to speak to other people. No armor shielding, I’m not interested in taking these xray assaults so I leave this area too, go upstairs. Another location of assaults that I’m aware of, in front of large monitor. In back of the large monitor is a closed off office, below this sitting area too. So they assault unaware people while they look at this monitor like behind washroom wall mirrors, urinals, .. and assault from below like the Westmont Library AV room. I take a few pictures of monitor but no assaults at this location. Here is where it gets strange, ever get the feeling of high surveillence and TV interaction? The nice smiling women, a gun control advocate, is no longer appearing on screen and I do want a picture of her now, so I wait. Librarian with white vest comes and sees me, cannot film, no pictures alloud. Not filming. I continue to wait, the women with white vest looks at me from a distence, two men seem to be interacting with her .. I continue to wait, it seems xray assault finally appear at this location too. So does the smiling women but no longer smiling.. snap snap snap. weird.

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