​RISING CO2 2015-2016, 410ppm 2017

“2015-2016 CO2 rise was the largest in the 50-year Mauna Loa record”

“It was forecast to be 3.15 ± 0.53 ppm, on the basis of ongoing anthropogenic emissions and the temporary effect of the 2015-16 El Niño event in weakening tropical land carbon sinks.  The 2016 annual mean CO2 was forecast to be 404.45 ± 0.53 ppm, which compares with the measured 2016 mean concentration of 404.28 ppm. That successful forecast was a collaboration between the Met Office and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Atmospheric CO2 concentrations are rising year-on-year due to emissions from burning fossil fuels and deforestation.

The annual rise temporarily becomes faster during El Niño events, due to reduced tropical land carbon uptake ((resulting from warm, dry conditions.)) – DROUGHT  Since El Niño conditions had ended by mid-2016, the land carbon sink is expected to have currently returned to its usual magnitude.  However, carbon sinks only offset approximately 50% of anthropogenic emissions, so atmospheric CO2 still continues to rise annually.”

Carbon Dioxide Could Reach 410 PPM This Month https://t.co/wA3fTIgVDo via @ClimateCentral @WhiteHouse @UNEP @EUClimateAction @XHNews @CNN

https://t.co/Zbn65NjoXb via @metoffice @WhiteHouse @UNEP @EUClimateAction @XHNews 2015-2016 CO2 rise was largest in 50 year Mauna Loa record

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