War On Climate Change

(Pres. Putin) “Climate Change Unstoppable” .. should adapt to it. Yes, we need to adapt and react to this National Security Threat, Mass Extinction. We want RU to keep up efforts with West, capture all the Methane released from the Earth and in our Atmosphere, help the Huge RU forest, boreal forest avoid wildfires, drought, capture more CO2 ..

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#ClimateChangeMassExtinction www.climatechangemassextiction.com

Three Good Reasons – ActOnClimate

Forest protection is ‘fundamental to security of humanity’s place on this planet’, says . It’s time to act

Extreme sea level rise would put $2 trillion worth of property at risk in the U.S. alone

Decades of data on world’s oceans reveal a troubling oxygen decline

#ActOnClimate #ClimateChangeMassExtinction www.climatechangemassextinction.com