Climate Change Mass Extinction

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Similar to PHIA our Site, YouTube Channel, have not been updated in a few years, except for Radiological Weapon Assault videos, filming Secret Police participants using HSS focused ultrasound Laptop Weapon at ConcordiaU, ..

The UN issued an “Alert” this year, stressing more urgent action to fight climate change, increasing CO2, increasing heat, yearly record temperatures.. Scientists are apparently stunned concerning the Arctic temperatures, speed of melt, change.

The Oceans are warmer, another yearly record, more oxygen depleted, more dead zones expanding.

Geoengineering Terraforming, more promotion of these ideas address climate change, recently in activism we mention already Terraforming at an industrial scale, which has been increasing, #Deforestation & Carbon Capture Species Dying World Wide .. forests, coral, kelp, phytoplankton. It seems some promoting some of these ideas have no idea why these are dying.

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