“Agriculture is responsible for 80% of global deforestation. Climate and environmental impacts of food production must be minimized. The #GSDR offers a path for transforming our food systems:”

Looks like we caught UN EU disinformation or misinformation about #Deforestation again. EU has 300 trees left in Astria stadium. #Deforestation Industry $ Trillions, housing lumber, magazines, news paper.. New Agriculture Zone title, empty fields, palm oil, soybean.. does not make the cause Agriculture.

#Charbonneau(s) Among many other things it seems the Gov, Police, Secret Police wanted to bankrupt us, knock us out for a number of reasons. One possibly the Climate Change evidence, YEARLY HEAT RECORDS news video clips, 43rd consecutive June apparently (see CO2 & Heat chart, melting accellerating, cannot be stopped..). Continued fossil fuel use (OPEC $80 Monopoly) or (OPEC $80 Monopoly ceases to exist) #ClimateAction plan, massive fraud, divest fraud which includes more secret police participants to invest while they divest to limit their losses #Trudeau

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