EARTH v APOKOLIPS: Deforestation, Cancer

Energy, not enough nothing grows, too much everything burns. Albedo scale, the melting ice (accellerating) reflects energy back into space. Plants and trees eat energy. Energy boils rock, creates magnetic field, too much ..

#Deforestation I was given a tree to plant “reforestation” when a child and for anxious QC population 40 years ago. This campaign was the political solution to ease the concern and continue massive deforestation. It’s more of the same along with decades of deceit, with Trudeau just incredibly obvious and ridiculous. Not a child anymore too. After all the noise about Brazil, Indonesia, Congo, .. more media disinformation/misinformnation (agriculture, beef, etc) USA is looking back at Canada to help satisfy demand. UN Rulings, BC Courts, BC Natives were able to block a pipeline, even kill the project after Trudeau purchased it. NOTE Trudeau managing (fraud) divestment after OPEC $80 ceased to exist, tarsands bankrupt till 2017 when SHELL divested (Trudeau promoting tarsands to help divest) everything $8B. USA divest over $30B to date, which includes this bankrupt pipeline Trudeau Canada purchase $4.5B. So, Trudeau is trapped by BC Court with pipeline purchase, which will be the same for #Deforestation to satisfy USA demand. Federal Gov legislate C69 to circumvent Courts: 1) Environment 2) Natives. Trudeau claims to be building the pipeline during election, no one mentions deforestation. Trudeau says plans to plant 2 billion trees. QC apologizes for Native discrimination, announces massive deforestation plan along with possible subsidies given greater distance.. BC suddenly announced it’s planting trees.

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#SecretPolice #Charbonneau(s)

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