Dec 2021, updating site, fixing glitches, etc

No posts since 2019. Updating our sites, fixing glitches, to improve SEO, our Google page rank. In recent search on Bing our site appeared on second page, which is not bad for climate change.

Most recent news involve more EVs Dec 2021 for 2022, which includes GM, FORD, etc.

Antarctic’s DOOMSDAY Glacier (Thwaites) is set to collapse in next 3 years, sooner than they thought.

An article talked about lag between CO2 capture and tipping points, too late, which is different from the rising and current CO2 levels and global heat lagging, catching up to these levels. Unstoppable rising heat, runaway climate change, .. .

In A Nut Shell, heat will continue to rise, DOOMSDAY Glacier collapse, .. etc.

What you may have missed. IPCC draft report warning of threat to man kind, sure to pas 1.5 degrees, probably 2 degrees also, .. . COP26 1.5 degrees climate action .. ? (another type of lag?)


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