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Hotel Versaille (Homeless Shelter) News Jan 11

Today I’m kicked out. ☣ (🥶 -25)

There’s the OMICRON pandemic, people here infected ☣, there’s the gov curfew, and I’m kicked out because I have a hand cart.

I take a shower, take my handcart and backpack shopping for groceries at Provigo, several grocery bags. I eat nothing that I do not purchase myself, they know this to. When I return two supervisors stop me, say I cannot have a handcart. They’ve been there as long as I have, over a month. I tell him Hotel Dupuis tried that, just everything in one backpack. STM employees tried it to. My backpack stolen during the summer with my laptop, geiger counter, and electronics. My backpack is locked to the handcart. The security guards that come into the room are always looking at my electronics and laptop. One supervisor says sorry about the theft but that’s the rule.

For about twenty minutes we play interpretation game. They say not kicking you out, you are leaving because you have a handcart. I say my backpack, electronics, handcart stay with me. .. The say the boxes on handcart can stay, but handcart outside. I say I need the handcart for the boxes, backpack, and groceries that I buy. Sorry, no handcart it’s the rule.

So, they finally say clearly that I cannot stay, being kicked out. Nothing said about the cookie sheets and helmet I use to shield myself from the sonic weapon types. Basically, under high surveillence, they steel your electronics, blame someone else.

Site updates, being fixed, will be on pause again.

Nothing from City of Montreal, Police Ethics, RCMP NSIRA regarding fines that they are trying to win be default again, and BIOAgent COVID19 & Mr Lepine.. Radiological weapon terrorism.

Here they are aiming blame at black people and women, corruption.

Supervisors Emanuelle Gill (woman), Junior Brutus (black man)

Regarding Mr Lepine, I think I saw him this week at this shelter. (!?) .. ☣

NOTE My handcart is loaded with my things and groceries. Without my handcart, fabricating some other problem or event later, kicked out, I’d have to leave many thing behind, (not just griceries), which they throw away after 6 hours, staff/friends/vultures wait at containers 🙁 -$. Like my handcart.

NEXT ex I can’t stay without my helmet, cookie sheets, (for sonic weapon type), and Geiger counter (radiological weapon detection tool). So, another theft to eliminate Geiger counter, Laptop (social media reporting Gov & Police (RCMP) corruption, organized crime. Or, handcart, metal cookie sheets not allowed (compromise, we put cookie sheets somewhere else) .. thanks 🙄 .. Police psych intervention, incarceration attempts .. “2019 radiological weapon terrorism, am I supposed to know everything that happens in Canada” – RCMP Terrorism Tip Line Aug 19 2021 .. “it’s like Chernobyl” “don’t need video evidence” – SPVM Montreal Police Oct 17 2019..

Scientists explore Thwaites, Antarctica’s ‘doomsday’ glacier.
“Oregon State University ice scientist Erin Pettit said Thwaites appears to be collapsing in three ways:
— – The glacier’s ice shelf is breaking into hundreds of fractures like a damaged car windshield. This is what Pettit said she fears will be the most troublesome with six-mile (10-kilometer) long cracks forming in just a year. —

Wahlin’s team will use two robot ships – her own large one called Ran which she used in 2019 and the more agile Boaty McBoatface..”

New year jokes

The Fuse Has Been Blown,’ and the Doomsday Glacier Is Coming for Us All

#NewYear2022 ‘DOOMSDAY Glacier’ Who should tell POTUS Joe Biden that cork about to pop in Antarctic?
1) Kremlin Russia_E (Vladimir Putin) 2) Bill Gates 3) Elon Musk 4) Jeff Bezos 5) Leo DiCaprio 6) Greta Thunberg 7) CNBC 8) FBI 9) AOC 10) VP 11) Algore 12) Pontifex (Pope Francis)