Runaway Climate Change, Floods, Drought, Corruption

There’s not really any good news with the exception of new innovations, EVs, advances in science. Thanks Elon, stay out of trouble. Try to find a wealthy lord and keep your job by serving him. Ok, there’s some sarcasm for those who like that sort of stuff, and some jokes.

Africa and US are in serious drought trouble. In Africa it’s similar to Australian fires, billions of animals dead. It’s millions of live stock dead, a catastrophe that’s not getting as much attention due to.. inflation.

The DOOMSDAY Glacier is about to collapse, sooner than they thought, which will shoot up flooding, mass extinction of states like Florida. ..

Ok, it’s Ricky Gervais, he made me do it.

In Montreal, Canada and USA, still facing a lot of Gov and Police corruption, fabricated fines, arrest attempts, etc. Their use of radiological and sonic weapon types. There’s probably nuclear poison, etc, but I’m only eating food I purchase myself. No adventures like Anthony Bourdain, street food, fast food, restaurants, .. . Similar to the California radioactive wine (Fukushima) before the Saint Thomas wild fires burnt all the vineyards, gov bailouts.

Good News

Some news say worst scenarios, temp shooting up 10 degrees for example, not likely. Why not? But, 3 or 4 degrees for sure..