New CCME site also online, working well, a work in progress.

Unlike PHIA, the VK communities and front page videos, .. , have not been added yet.

I forgot to mention in the PHIA blog June 17 I’m in court again regarding Dec 2 2021 STM SPVM fines $800. It involves corruption again, which includes more city employees and another auto-guilty win attempt similar to Feb 16 2019 “Police Discretion” (Feb 8 2019 radiological weapon terrorism). Ongoing high surveillance, fabricating allegations, fines, .. In this case, part of the evidence involves an STM Inspector that looks a bit like Justin Beiber (no fine) .. The Hunt Syndrome recent news. Hope Justin and his wife (recent stroke) doing ok. [ CRIME AND TERRORISM TIP sonic weapon retaliation ideation ? ]

Ref Honorable Charbonneau, Arcand, Pepita (Justice Canada Superior Courts) .. QC Police Ethics .. RCMP CRCC .. regarding “Police Discretion” and radiological weapon terrorism.


The new and updated site is online, working well, a work in progress. The VK Communities and videos that were on front page of the previous site have been added on a different page.

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As for ongoing Gov, Police, Secret Police participant corruption, radiological and sonic weapons, things have not changed. More obvious corruption from SPVM and RCMP. Sonic weapons targeting the head, brain damage, are a daily thing unlike the radiological weapon terrorism.

It involves places like shopping centers, universities, public transportation using these types of weapons, ceiling emitters (building security, security guards, former FBI RCMP SQ SPVM etc), combined with other secret police participants using laptops with this weapon tech integrated in it. So, what look like students with opened laptops spreadout at ConcordiaU library, in some cases doing nothing, waiting, are not students. They just occupy an area with that sonic weapon type combined with the ceiling emitters, etc.

Even more obvious now when they are dispatched, sit directly behind me, surround me. It’s a huge mostly empty library.

As for radiological weapon terrorism, the SPVM do nothing, do not ask for the video evidence. It’s the samething with the RCMP Montreal HQ, telling me not to call them, will not let me speak to RCMP Police, cannot tell me who has given this order (RCMP Officer, CCRC Complaints). RCMP seem more, for many years now, set on trying to use the SPVM for corruption, now seem set on trying try to use SPVM for criminal allegations (criminal mischief) if I call them again regarding radiological weapon terrorism, the video evidence. Everyone, since ref Charbonneau 2011 – Arcand 2015 – Pepita 2016 Justice Canada, or longer, still officially unaware of these (terrorism, RCMP Jurisdiction) in QC Canada.

So, they engage in psychological harassment, different threats, and use sonic weapon types that you can feel the origin direction with your hands.

And the Gov and Police PR continues on TV, in the news, ..