July 31st Climate Change Mass Extinction News, COP27

The new site is online, working well. Everything, twitter, facebook, vk, .. is integrated into the site. It’s still a work in progress regarding it’s layout.

This summer there’s been several wildfires, state of emergency, we missed many of these posts, include new science posts. We will add more content soon, the new science posts, new EVs, and movie clips soon.

There’s a more obvious EVENT catogory, plan to add COP27 soon. www.COP27.eg Nov 22 2022


I recently told friends on Facebook “They’ve been lying about climate change but if they keep saying it’s worse than they thought every 3 months like they’ve been doing they’ll soon catchup to the truth. (sarcasm)”.

Recent News (Sat July 30th)

‘Soon it will be unrecognisable’: total climate meltdown cannot be stopped, says expert. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/jul/30/total-climate-meltdown-inevitable-heatwaves-global-catastrophe

Danny Hunt 360, 356, 369
Ongoing high surveillence, Gov & Police corruption, fabrications, allegations, fines, secret police participants, mobbing, .. . Info is on PHIA Site. The most recent event is the 2nd auto-guilty victory for the Dec 2 2020 2am STM SPVM fines. Secret police have been saying, insinuating (including the city judge) that the judges verdict of refusing to repeal the auto-guilty verdict can be appealed. Appeal Court $369. The new US Climate Change bill $369 billion.