Climate Change Mass Extinction Site Updates

The site is upgraded, new look, fast, a work in progress. More content needs to be added like the droughts of this summer. Currently it’s mostly articles about climate change being worse than they thought again, unstoppable melting and mass extinction, heading for something similar to the great dying, which has been a main info part of our site thanks to NOVA, PBS, and Pirates (!? .. just kidding) for many years.

Videos, we have a new videos page, a big backlog of movie and tv video clips that have different climate change themes. A few have been clipped from recent movies.

Video Playlists, Video playlists of different climate change issues like droughts, wildfires from 10 years ago, not the recent drought apocalypse in US, EU, China 2022. And video blogs, our long ribbon on climate change patterns that lead to mass extinction, the great dying, ends with omens (?).

VK Communities (blogs) from previous site are all here:

Twitter Wall, from previous site. The plan is to add EV related feeds and Formula E related feeds, Drivers, Teams, .. A menu, different Twitter Wall for each. I like the idea, doing it for myself, others who might like this too. Can take 1 minute to start loading all the feeds.

Events, there still no content on this page but one of the first will most likely be the upcoming COP27.