“DOOMSDAY Glacier” Thwaites, Worse Than They Thought

More news on the “DOOMSDAY Glacier” that says it’s worse than they thought, melting faster, more unstable, may collapse. These news updates do not seem to be getting a lot of attention.

Our site is still badly outdated but movie video clips are recent. Many of the news sections need updates. Recently we added 2015 news and videos of the Pope given it’s importance. These were posted in our other blogs, facebook, twitter many years ago but not directly on our site.

Our YouTube Channel Climate Change Mass Extinction has been updated but as previously reported we seem to be highly censored by Google, less by Bing.

Facebook articles can no longer be easily shared with other social media, which in my opinion reduces it’s value as part of our site. Not sure if our Facebook page content appears in searches either.

Similar story with Twitter. We have been censored by twitter, @DHUNTtweets, and under Elon Musk this got worse given it’s no longer pulling our article info like images, meta data, like it does for mainstream media. Elon the social media champion?

VK and Twitter posts are still shareable on other media, between themselves for example.

The Site and Blog are on a new hosting account that expires in 2024.

I’ve watching 1 year old IPCC videos, only two so far, to add directly to our site. The Carbon Deficit NetZero video makes no sense ..