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Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster Tools is helping with SEO tips and errors on our site. School category was not displaying properly on PHIA site. The cause, a strange glitch with past menus, CMS versions, categories, newer version of CMS and modules. It’s mostly fixed but the more permanent fix will change all the urls that are indexed on search engines like the current fix.

The issue exists on Climate Change Mass Extinction too. Several categories not displaying correctly.

Our site is highly censored. Years ago TD software had it blocked as a porn site.

The IPCC Report is out very soon. Good news or existential threat to mankind even worse than we thought?

“DOOMSDAY Glacier” Thwaites, Worse Than They Thought

More news on the “DOOMSDAY Glacier” that says it’s worse than they thought, melting faster, more unstable, may collapse. These news updates do not seem to be getting a lot of attention.

Our site is still badly outdated but movie video clips are recent. Many of the news sections need updates. Recently we added 2015 news and videos of the Pope given it’s importance. These were posted in our other blogs, facebook, twitter many years ago but not directly on our site.

Our YouTube Channel Climate Change Mass Extinction has been updated but as previously reported we seem to be highly censored by Google, less by Bing.

Facebook articles can no longer be easily shared with other social media, which in my opinion reduces it’s value as part of our site. Not sure if our Facebook page content appears in searches either.

Similar story with Twitter. We have been censored by twitter, @DHUNTtweets, and under Elon Musk this got worse given it’s no longer pulling our article info like images, meta data, like it does for mainstream media. Elon the social media champion?

VK and Twitter posts are still shareable on other media, between themselves for example.

The Site and Blog are on a new hosting account that expires in 2024.

I’ve watching 1 year old IPCC videos, only two so far, to add directly to our site. The Carbon Deficit NetZero video makes no sense ..


We haven’t posted in our blog although we blog a lot on VK, our VK Wall found here

It seems both CCME and PHIA are highly censored by Google, less so by Bing. Twitter seems to censor any links to these sites while Facebook and VK have no problem pulling article titles, images, and article intro or site name for example.

Recently bought new hosting, renewed domains ($250), ..

More recently we’ve updated our YouTube Channels that were badly outdated since 2014, and added some new movie video clips.

We are posting new articles to related to Climate Change Mass Extinction too.

Climate Change Mass Extinction Site Updates

The site is upgraded, new look, fast, a work in progress. More content needs to be added like the droughts of this summer. Currently it’s mostly articles about climate change being worse than they thought again, unstoppable melting and mass extinction, heading for something similar to the great dying, which has been a main info part of our site thanks to NOVA, PBS, and Pirates (!? .. just kidding) for many years.

Videos, we have a new videos page, a big backlog of movie and tv video clips that have different climate change themes. A few have been clipped from recent movies.

Video Playlists, Video playlists of different climate change issues like droughts, wildfires from 10 years ago, not the recent drought apocalypse in US, EU, China 2022. And video blogs, our long ribbon on climate change patterns that lead to mass extinction, the great dying, ends with omens (?).

VK Communities (blogs) from previous site are all here:

Twitter Wall, from previous site. The plan is to add EV related feeds and Formula E related feeds, Drivers, Teams, .. A menu, different Twitter Wall for each. I like the idea, doing it for myself, others who might like this too. Can take 1 minute to start loading all the feeds.

Events, there still no content on this page but one of the first will most likely be the upcoming COP27.


July 31st Climate Change Mass Extinction News, COP27

The new site is online, working well. Everything, twitter, facebook, vk, .. is integrated into the site. It’s still a work in progress regarding it’s layout.

This summer there’s been several wildfires, state of emergency, we missed many of these posts, include new science posts. We will add more content soon, the new science posts, new EVs, and movie clips soon.

There’s a more obvious EVENT catogory, plan to add COP27 soon. Nov 22 2022


I recently told friends on Facebook “They’ve been lying about climate change but if they keep saying it’s worse than they thought every 3 months like they’ve been doing they’ll soon catchup to the truth. (sarcasm)”.

Recent News (Sat July 30th)

‘Soon it will be unrecognisable’: total climate meltdown cannot be stopped, says expert.

Danny Hunt 360, 356, 369
Ongoing high surveillence, Gov & Police corruption, fabrications, allegations, fines, secret police participants, mobbing, .. . Info is on PHIA Site. The most recent event is the 2nd auto-guilty victory for the Dec 2 2020 2am STM SPVM fines. Secret police have been saying, insinuating (including the city judge) that the judges verdict of refusing to repeal the auto-guilty verdict can be appealed. Appeal Court $369. The new US Climate Change bill $369 billion.


New CCME site also online, working well, a work in progress.

Unlike PHIA, the VK communities and front page videos, .. , have not been added yet.

I forgot to mention in the PHIA blog June 17 I’m in court again regarding Dec 2 2021 STM SPVM fines $800. It involves corruption again, which includes more city employees and another auto-guilty win attempt similar to Feb 16 2019 “Police Discretion” (Feb 8 2019 radiological weapon terrorism). Ongoing high surveillance, fabricating allegations, fines, .. In this case, part of the evidence involves an STM Inspector that looks a bit like Justin Beiber (no fine) .. The Hunt Syndrome recent news. Hope Justin and his wife (recent stroke) doing ok. [ CRIME AND TERRORISM TIP sonic weapon retaliation ideation ? ]

Ref Honorable Charbonneau, Arcand, Pepita (Justice Canada Superior Courts) .. QC Police Ethics .. RCMP CRCC .. regarding “Police Discretion” and radiological weapon terrorism.


The new and updated site is online, working well, a work in progress. The VK Communities and videos that were on front page of the previous site have been added on a different page.

At this time, on tablets or mobile phones, the mobile version is not show the main top menu, not sure why yet.

One hosting service is expiring Jun 16, so in the next few hours (html version) might be offline for a while.

As for ongoing Gov, Police, Secret Police participant corruption, radiological and sonic weapons, things have not changed. More obvious corruption from SPVM and RCMP. Sonic weapons targeting the head, brain damage, are a daily thing unlike the radiological weapon terrorism.

It involves places like shopping centers, universities, public transportation using these types of weapons, ceiling emitters (building security, security guards, former FBI RCMP SQ SPVM etc), combined with other secret police participants using laptops with this weapon tech integrated in it. So, what look like students with opened laptops spreadout at ConcordiaU library, in some cases doing nothing, waiting, are not students. They just occupy an area with that sonic weapon type combined with the ceiling emitters, etc.

Even more obvious now when they are dispatched, sit directly behind me, surround me. It’s a huge mostly empty library.

As for radiological weapon terrorism, the SPVM do nothing, do not ask for the video evidence. It’s the samething with the RCMP Montreal HQ, telling me not to call them, will not let me speak to RCMP Police, cannot tell me who has given this order (RCMP Officer, CCRC Complaints). RCMP seem more, for many years now, set on trying to use the SPVM for corruption, now seem set on trying try to use SPVM for criminal allegations (criminal mischief) if I call them again regarding radiological weapon terrorism, the video evidence. Everyone, since ref Charbonneau 2011 – Arcand 2015 – Pepita 2016 Justice Canada, or longer, still officially unaware of these (terrorism, RCMP Jurisdiction) in QC Canada.

So, they engage in psychological harassment, different threats, and use sonic weapon types that you can feel the origin direction with your hands.

And the Gov and Police PR continues on TV, in the news, ..


The older previous site went offline May 16, replaced by this newer version, which is still being configured, a work in progress.

The Facebook page, Twitter account, VK communities, YouTube Channel.. have not been plugged in yet. @DHUNTtweets is still suspended since May 2021 after a tweet to Elon Musk. We can post on our Facebook page but again cannot loggin to update it.

More specifically, there’s still Google page link, the link to our blog is outdated, .. This impacts SEO or Google page rank.

Site Updates, State of the Union, IPCC Report on Feb 28

Site updates, fixes continue. Some global leaders seem to see our site, not sure if anyone else does. The CCME site is listed on Google searches after many other sites, pages, down the list. One thing that needs to be updated, regained, asides from fix the site, content, is google analytics, which was lost over the years on PHIA com.

Climate Change was mentioned yesterday, March 1, on the US State of the Union. May clip the sections, similar to the backlog of climate change movie scene clips.

The IPCC Climate Change Report is out on Feb 28 2022 with more bad news, warnings. Rising heat, droughts, floods, .. mass extinction.

A kangaroo rushes past a burning house in Lake Conjola, Australia, on Tuesday, Dec. 31 2019. This fire season has been one of the worst in Australia’s history, with at least 15 people killed, hundreds of homes destroyed and millions of acres burned. (Matthew Abbott/The New York Times) *** Local Caption *** AUSTRALIA WILDFIRE BURNING CLIMATE NATURAL DISASTER

Runaway Climate Change, Floods, Drought, Corruption

There’s not really any good news with the exception of new innovations, EVs, advances in science. Thanks Elon, stay out of trouble. Try to find a wealthy lord and keep your job by serving him. Ok, there’s some sarcasm for those who like that sort of stuff, and some jokes.

Africa and US are in serious drought trouble. In Africa it’s similar to Australian fires, billions of animals dead. It’s millions of live stock dead, a catastrophe that’s not getting as much attention due to.. inflation.

The DOOMSDAY Glacier is about to collapse, sooner than they thought, which will shoot up flooding, mass extinction of states like Florida. ..

Ok, it’s Ricky Gervais, he made me do it.

In Montreal, Canada and USA, still facing a lot of Gov and Police corruption, fabricated fines, arrest attempts, etc. Their use of radiological and sonic weapon types. There’s probably nuclear poison, etc, but I’m only eating food I purchase myself. No adventures like Anthony Bourdain, street food, fast food, restaurants, .. . Similar to the California radioactive wine (Fukushima) before the Saint Thomas wild fires burnt all the vineyards, gov bailouts.

Good News

Some news say worst scenarios, temp shooting up 10 degrees for example, not likely. Why not? But, 3 or 4 degrees for sure..

Sites, Blogs, today I’m kicked out

The PHIA and CCME Blogs are fixed, seem ok, posts are visible. There a few things like why is there a feed for siteground news? .. We have to purge a few 1,000 comments (robots? A.I.?). Some progress on Sites, a few more glitches to fix, dead urls, content to update.

Hotel Versaille (Homeless Shelter) News Jan 11

Today I’m kicked out. ☣ (🥶 -25)

There’s the OMICRON pandemic, people here infected ☣, there’s the gov curfew, and I’m kicked out because I have a hand cart.

I take a shower, take my handcart and backpack shopping for groceries at Provigo, several grocery bags. I eat nothing that I do not purchase myself, they know this to. When I return two supervisors stop me, say I cannot have a handcart. They’ve been there as long as I have, over a month. I tell him Hotel Dupuis tried that, just everything in one backpack. STM employees tried it to. My backpack stolen during the summer with my laptop, geiger counter, and electronics. My backpack is locked to the handcart. The security guards that come into the room are always looking at my electronics and laptop. One supervisor says sorry about the theft but that’s the rule.

For about twenty minutes we play interpretation game. They say not kicking you out, you are leaving because you have a handcart. I say my backpack, electronics, handcart stay with me. .. The say the boxes on handcart can stay, but handcart outside. I say I need the handcart for the boxes, backpack, and groceries that I buy. Sorry, no handcart it’s the rule.

So, they finally say clearly that I cannot stay, being kicked out. Nothing said about the cookie sheets and helmet I use to shield myself from the sonic weapon types. Basically, under high surveillence, they steel your electronics, blame someone else.

Site updates, being fixed, will be on pause again.

Nothing from City of Montreal, Police Ethics, RCMP NSIRA regarding fines that they are trying to win be default again, and BIOAgent COVID19 & Mr Lepine.. Radiological weapon terrorism.

Here they are aiming blame at black people and women, corruption.

Supervisors Emanuelle Gill (woman), Junior Brutus (black man)

Regarding Mr Lepine, I think I saw him this week at this shelter. (!?) .. ☣

NOTE My handcart is loaded with my things and groceries. Without my handcart, fabricating some other problem or event later, kicked out, I’d have to leave many thing behind, (not just griceries), which they throw away after 6 hours, staff/friends/vultures wait at containers 🙁 -$. Like my handcart.

NEXT ex I can’t stay without my helmet, cookie sheets, (for sonic weapon type), and Geiger counter (radiological weapon detection tool). So, another theft to eliminate Geiger counter, Laptop (social media reporting Gov & Police (RCMP) corruption, organized crime. Or, handcart, metal cookie sheets not allowed (compromise, we put cookie sheets somewhere else) .. thanks 🙄 .. Police psych intervention, incarceration attempts .. “2019 radiological weapon terrorism, am I supposed to know everything that happens in Canada” – RCMP Terrorism Tip Line Aug 19 2021 .. “it’s like Chernobyl” “don’t need video evidence” – SPVM Montreal Police Oct 17 2019..