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Lot of #ClimateChange news regarding (42 consecutive Junes?) June Hottest Month, July Hottest Month, August Siberia on fire, Bolivia, .. , World and Brazil of Fire. In the media, activists talking about meat. Nothing said 2009 (Earth Song, Jackson) about #Deforestation for billions, trillions in logging, lumber exports/imports, palm oil, “sea of soybean” in Amazon, .. . OPEC $80 Monopoly is no more leading to tar sands in Canada being crushed several years ago but OPEC Monopoly also lead to corn ethanol in Brazil, USA. Urgent need to address deforestation continues, time to help Brazil switch to electric. Welcome to America Greta, NY UN Summit, Montreal next?

Climate Change Mass Extinction

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Similar to PHIA our Site, YouTube Channel, have not been updated in a few years, except for Radiological Weapon Assault videos, filming Secret Police participants using HSS focused ultrasound Laptop Weapon at ConcordiaU, ..

The UN issued an “Alert” this year, stressing more urgent action to fight climate change, increasing CO2, increasing heat, yearly record temperatures.. Scientists are apparently stunned concerning the Arctic temperatures, speed of melt, change.

The Oceans are warmer, another yearly record, more oxygen depleted, more dead zones expanding.

Geoengineering Terraforming, more promotion of these ideas address climate change, recently in activism we mention already Terraforming at an industrial scale, which has been increasing, #Deforestation & Carbon Capture Species Dying World Wide .. forests, coral, kelp, phytoplankton. It seems some promoting some of these ideas have no idea why these are dying.

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War On Climate Change

(Pres. Putin) “Climate Change Unstoppable” .. should adapt to it. Yes, we need to adapt and react to this National Security Threat, Mass Extinction. We want RU to keep up efforts with West, capture all the Methane released from the Earth and in our Atmosphere, help the Huge RU forest, boreal forest avoid wildfires, drought, capture more CO2 ..

#Drought #Wildfires #AgentOrange


Three Good Reasons – ActOnClimate

Forest protection is ‘fundamental to security of humanity’s place on this planet’, says . It’s time to act

Extreme sea level rise would put $2 trillion worth of property at risk in the U.S. alone

Decades of data on world’s oceans reveal a troubling oxygen decline

#ActOnClimate #ClimateChangeMassExtinction

Climate Change Mass Extinction

Climate Change Mass Extinction 2016, 2017: there is now a FLOOD of Climate Change Mass Extinction articles. I’ll add a few here. The IRONY is that our site is not listed on Google again in our search results.

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3. Top scientist predicts mass human EXTINCTION within 10 years due to climate change

HUMANITY should give up fighting climate change because everyone will be dead within a decade, according to a top scientist.…

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7. Stanford researcher warns sixth mass extinction is here

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